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We understand that timing is everything and our agents put everything into insuring the property is priced correctly within the market achieving a result within the first 30 days on market. Understanding the vital elements to achieve a premium price is our agents key role. We educate our vendors on market conditions, competition, buyer enquiry and where the buyers are looking to buy.


Market Trends by Area

Hows the market?

As the Brisbane real estate market continues to perform, it also remains very complex – differing from suburb to suburb. This is why we continue to provide you with an in-depth analysis of real estate trends throughout the Brisbane Market Place. VPG market reports provide a snapshot of recent sales and market trends by Suburb. Updated weekly, the data includes the number of new listings, average sales price, average days on market and percent of sales to list price.


An in-depth analysis of real estate activity in Brisbane.

Below you will find links to our popular market overview, The VPG Report. Our Quarterly Market Review is YTD data gathered on a quarterly basis, and our Annual Market Review is an in-depth review of how the market performed in the last calendar year. Both reports are broken down by area so you can easily find how the market performed in your suburb.


How’s the Market?

We get asked this question a lot. Below is a tool that gives you the ability to see what the market is like in your community. Find out what homes like your own are selling for right in your back yard. Simply enter in your address, choose the proximity of the search and find out market data for other homes that are selling near you.

While we’ll provide you with plenty of information, this is a snapshot of your market data and there are real people behind the information you will find. If you would like more detailed information or help in understanding the results we are here to help